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An Integrated Sexual Health Tariff Grouper account designed for Cluster Managers.  

For those that need access to multiple organisations' tariff data we offer a more cost effective Cluster Manager serice.  This service provides you with access to the Tariff data for both Provider and Commissioner organisations (but not patient level data).  You can review when data has been submitted and the associated tariff charges as well as providing you with the insights of the Commissioners' service.

The Cluster Managers' service allows you to:

  • View the Commissioner data and Provider data (though not down to patient level) for the areas you register for.  
  • Receive email notification of when data has been successfully uploaded and when tariffs have been calculated.  
  • View who is subscribed to the service for each area you have access to and when they last logged in.
  • For each of the providers you have access to you can see when they uploaded their data files and the clinics each file is associated with.
  • Use the usual analytics for both provider and commissioner data including a heat map.
  • View the tariff charges raised by or against providers and commissioners you have access to.  (For clarity, if you subscribe for Provider P and Commissioner C, you will see ALL the activity of ALL patients attending P and ALL the activity of ALL patients from C.)

If you are responsible for a cluster we recommend the Cluster Manaager service.

If you wish to subscribe to the Cluster Manager service please email to discuss your requirements

The subscription fee is £500+vat for the Cluster Manager account plus a further £100+vat per organisation.

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