The Integrated Sexual Health Tariff was developed in partnership with the London Sexual Health Programme. Over a period of five years, a wide range of Sexual Health stakeholders have been involved in the development of a new integrated pricing mechanism including Providers, Commissioners, representatives from all the major London and National stakeholders, including the HPA, BASHH, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health and DH PbR and more recently, regional evaluation and feedback from across England.  The result is the Integrated Sexual Health Tariff:  a key enabler in the shift towards integrated Genito-Urinary Medicine and Sexual and Reproductive Health service delivery that is recognised as best practice for patient care and public health. 

More than 110 service providers across England have successfully implemented this system and gone on to submit their data and calculate their tariff charges. To date, more than £200M of tariff charges have been calculated, based on more than 2.8M individual tariffs. 

Quick Links

Currencies & Tariffs - List of Currencies and Tariff prices with their underlying pathways and payment triggers

How to Implement Tariff  - Quick guide to implementing tariff in a provider setting

How to Upload Data  - Explains how to use the Grouper service to calculate tariff charges

Tariff Local Codes  - Local codes are not neccessary for data from Apr 2015 onwards where GUMCADv2 and the updated SRHAD are used

Tariff Dataset  - Specifies the integrated SRHAD and GUMCAD dataset accepted by the Grouper service


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