Pathway Analytics has supported the London Sexual Health Programme in the development of a Tariff for Sexual Health Services throughout London. The Pathway Analytics team has taken the London Sexual Health Programme through the complete project life cycle, from scoping and early stage requirements, through building a supportive stakeholder community, to recommendation of an appropriate currency, tariff framework and pricing.

Pathway Analytics was then able to implement the tariff with a fully secure and scalable technical solution within three months that allows service providers collect tariff payments directly from commissioners.  Starting in March 2009 with an initial assessment and scope the project is implementing a live tariff solution available on a national scale in April 2012. 

The service is implemented on a national basis and it is ready for all providers to use, its functionality is being updated daily and five other regions already using the service for Road Testing the new London Sexual Health Tariff on a regional basis.  The entire project has been implemented by a three person core team from Pathway Analytics, much of the work was completed on a fixed price basis.  The broader technical solution is implemented as a subscription based service with some initial seed funding from London Sexual Health Programme.  This novel approach has allowed London Sexual Health Programme to share the risk of implementing a new IT 'system' and setup a sustainable method to fund the service going forward and allow future development and it has ensured that Commissioners and Providers have the information they need to conduct their bussiness.

Pathway Analytics shaped the requirement with the client to identify the key issues and supported the London Sexual Health Programme in the creation of a supportive stakeholder community including lead clinicians, commissioners, finance, Strategic Health Authorities and Regional Clusters, IT and informatics, 3rd party IT Suppliers, the Department of Health, Health Protection Agency, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health, British Association of Sexual Health and HIV.  

Clinicians were engaged and developed over 140 patient care pathways, data managers provided many months of data that allowed the Pathway Analytics team to develop a comprehensive set of pathway prices bundle into currencies.  These currency bundles where then matched to the statutory reports collated by providers so that each activity code triggers a particular payment.  

Pathway Analytics then worked with Providers and Commissioners to measure the impact of introducing the new Tariffs on existing budgets and prepare a transition plan from block contract payments to tariff.  The London Sexual Health Tariff is now ideally positioned to rapidly move forward in the future to be an outcomes based tariff that reward positive patient outcomes rather than just care activity delivered.

Finally, Pathway Analytics created a streamlined process for national regions to implement the tariff locally.  This process covers a road test to gain confidence and iron out technical implementation issues; a fincial impact assessment review for decision making and an option to implement.  The entire process can be implemented in six month time frame.  

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