With the ability to create a local tariff configuration with local pricing, according to local contracting arrangements, there are now multiple tariff configurations available.  Please select the configuration you wish from the list below.

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Currency:  STI Intervention A

Primary Tariff: £ 24.51    Additional Tariff: £ 17.68
The Primary Tariff rate is charged for the most expsensive currency consumed in a patient visit/episode
The Additional Tariff rate is charged for all other currencies consumed in the same patient episode/visit

Cross-Charged. This Currency will always be charged to the Local Authority in which the patient lives. If the patient is from overseas or offers no known address, the Local Authority hosting the clinic will be charged.


Currency triggers

The following code combinations will trigger this Currency:

SHHAPT = C4 | Chlamydia
SHHAPT = C7 | Candidosis
SHHAPT = D2A | Urinary tract infection
SHHAPT = C4N | Non specific genital infection
SHHAPT = C8 | Scabies
SHHAPT = C9 | Pediculosis pubis
SHHAPT = C6A | Trichomoniasis
SHHAPT = C6C | Balanitis/vaginitis/vaginosis other causes
SHHAPT = P2A | Hepatitis B vaccination - 1st dose
SHHAPT = P2B | Hepatitis B vaccination - 2nd dose
SHHAPT = P2C | Hepatitis B vaccination - 3rd dose
SHHAPT = C4M | Chlamydia - Medication given
SHHAPT = C13 | Hepatitis B First diagnosis
SHHAPT = C14 | Hepatitis C First diagnosis
SHHAPT = C15 | Hepatitis A Acute infection
SHHAPT = C4NR | Non specific genital infection - Rectal infection
SHHAPT = C4O | Chlamydia - Pharyngeal infection
SHHAPT = C4OM | Chlamydia - Pharyngeal infection, Medication given
SHHAPT = C4OX | Chlamydia - Pharyngeal infection, Diagnosed previo...
SHHAPT = C4R | Chlamydia - Rectal infection
SHHAPT = C4RM | Chlamydia - Rectal infection, Medication given
SHHAPT = C4RX | Chlamydia - Rectal infection, Diagnosed previously...
SHHAPT = C4X | Chlamydia - Patient diagnosed previously elsewhere
SHHAPT = P2D | Hepatitis B vaccination: 4th dose
SHHAPT = P2E | Hepatitis B vaccination: Booster
SHHAPT = D2B | Other conditions requiring treatment
SHHAPT = C6B | BV and anaerobic balanitis
SHHAPT = PNC | Partner notification - Chlamydia
SHHAPT = PNP | Partner notification: PID/Epididymitis
SHHAPT = PNN | Partner notification: Non-specific genital infecti...
SHHAPT = PNT | Partner notification: Trichomoniasis/vaginosis/vag...
SHHAPT = C12 | Molluscum contagiosum



The underlying Pathway cost (with a 1.5% deflator) of the following Pathways are used to determine the Tariff rates for the STI Intervention A Currency:

34. Anaerobic & Bacterial Vaginosis treatment£22.39£13.72
35. Anogenital Candidosis treatment£21.35£13.66
41. Chlamydia ? uncomplicated & epidemiological/presumptive treatment£28.75£20.03
56. Epidemiological (contact) treatment of PID/NSU (women/men)£8.73£8.73
60. Examination only (No Test no Treatment)£44.19£28.65
61. Examination only (No Test plus Treatment)£47.64£19.59
68. Health Advisor Consultation£34.27£16.40
69. Joint Hep A & B Vaccination£46.40£42.11
70. Hepatitis B vaccination - second visit£27.20£21.11
71. Hepatitis B vaccination - third visit£22.64£16.28
72. Hepatitis B vaccination - booster£50.34£51.70
74. F/U - HIV/STI negative - giving results£20.08£2.46
97. NGU/NSU treatment£14.66£12.07
98. NSU? Uncomplicated & Epidemiological/presumptive Treatment£20.26£20.26
99. Other Vaginosis, Vaginitis, Balanitis treatment£22.33£14.83
107. Pubic Lice treatment£17.50£15.69
110. Scabies treatment£28.57£25.98
122. Trichomoniasis treatment -standard£32.66£21.83
126. Urinary Tract Infection treatment£24.83£17.32
387. Hep A Vaccination£32.68£26.88
388. Hep B Vaccination£26.92£20.82




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